1b9da42Terry Howard is a writer, story-teller, trainer and Senior Associate with Diversity Wealth (www.DiversityWealth.com). He also is a member of the Cross Cultural Academy and is a Contributing Writer with The Chattanooga News Chronicle, The American Diversity Report and MARC(Men Advocating Real Change) – Catalyst. His career spans stints at AT&T, Texas Instruments and President, Eastwick Trainers.

In 2006 Terry founded the Global Diversity Connections Consortium with over 100 member organizations in countries ranging from Canada, Mexico, Indonesia, India, and across the United States.


In 2007 Mr. Howard was awarded the Diversity Champion Award by the National Association of Black Engineers and in 2003 was a national finalist for the Corporate Champion Award sponsored by Out & Equal.


He can be reached at (470) 558-7310, terry@diversitywealth.com or wwhoward3@gmail.com.