Missing my little brother David!

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I met David at a local Starbucks a while back.

You see, I was hunched over my laptop cranking out an article, focused, oblivious to what was happening around me; to the comings and goings of folks with their lattes and coffee cakes. In truth, I was in my own world, my zone, and preferred to keep it that way.

But little David – his Downs Syndrome and all – had other plans for me.

And others.

At the top of his lungs, David called out “Hey brother” as he approached a surprised me at my little table in the corner. A high five and a hug initiated by him later, David was off greeting and hugging others in the place.

And like me, all were startled and clearly smitten by little David. It was written all over their faces.

“David, David, get back over hereLeave everyone alone!” demanded his mom; words she’d no doubt uttered many times before.

And little David, no doubt having heard those words uttered many times before, just kept right on high fiving and hugging and getting high fives and hugs in return.

Soon everyone present was touched by little David. Literally.

Three minutes later with little David in tow, mom headed to the door and, David being David, turned around, waved and bellowed to us, “good bye my friends.” 

And we all in unison – patrons and Starbucks employees alike – stood up and returned, “See ya David!” And for a few seconds we all stood there in complete silence, strangers no longer, knowing somehow that we’d just been touched – and connected in our humanity – by an angel.

Now I’ve returned to that particular Starbucks many times since then, feeling cheated by the brevity of my recent meeting with David, wishing and hoping my little buddy would be there.

But no such luck.

So far.

But I’ll keep going back.

Yes, I’ll keep going back…. wishing and hoping!


Terry Howard is an award-winning diversity guru, writer, trainer, corporate story-teller and senior associate with Diversity Wealth. He can be reached at wwhoward3@gmail.com

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